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D&E Japan 1st Tour Charm accessories

[Each City Stop has a different charm!]

[1] Tokyo Budokan concert’s Charm accessories

[2] Tokyo Dome City Hall concert’s Charm accessories 

[3] Sapporo concert’s Charm Accessories

[4] Niigata concert’s Charm Accessories

[5] Kobe concert’s Charm Accessories

[6] Fukuoka concert’s Charm Accessories

[7] Hiroshima concert’s Charm accessories

[8] Osaka concert’s Charm Accessories

[9] Nagoya concert’s Charm Accessories

[10] ELF-Japan Charm accessories ♥

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140222 SS5 Beijing Press Conference

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These videos are unlisted to prevent it from being blocked by avex u_u I’m gonna upload more, probably the whole dvd for Tokyo Dome 8) Spread the links ! Thanks ^^ The list is in order according to the dvd btw :D

Navigators (Preparations) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0uW5RQ4gYY

Opening &…


ELF, DP pics for 7th Anniversary Countdown (starting on 31st) has been posted here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/NK_Subs/topic/8189541/ 

Please check and wait till 31st to use them ^^!

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Eunhyuk Recommends - Movies that will become a memory for me

Idol group’s popularity means start of success. And it also means time to start letting the world know of their name. In this manner, Super Junior Eunhyuk is slowly learning how to live in the jungle called ‘Celebrity world’. “I told on the radio few years ago that I will be going to Paris and Paris fans were waiting for me at the airport. We weren’t performing at the Europe at the time so it surprised me.” 

He was expressing his group’s popularity in a cheerful manner. He shows flexible activities as center of choreography with Super Junior, and also working with Donghae in a unit for <Oppa is Here>. Not only that but he shows witty side of him by saying “I wear size 95~ boxy style” on MBC Radio Star and letting the others play around with him. He also showed his witty side on ShinHwa Broadcast naming JunJin “John Jean”.

“Something I don’t want to give up on is dancing. But Super Junior was started so it can target many fields in the celebrity world. So my dream is getting bigger with dreaming about becoming an MC of a variety show.”

We feel that Eunhyuk has much more to show us in the future. The movies he introduced to us were different than others too.

Eunhyuk’s 1st Recommendation: TitanicEunhyuk: If you tell me to choose the best movie I’ve seen, it’s obviously Titanic. I wasn’t at the age to watch it as a child but I went with my parents. I cried a lot and even bought the DVD. When it opened in 3D recently, I cleared up time in my busy schedule to watch it again. I think I’ve watched it over 50 times and I love it to the point of memorizing the lines. I liked nature, universe, and scenes of the sea since I was a child so I think I am pulled to the sea and the ship in the movie. I look at marine life and search for pictures online normally too. I am the sea type.

Eunhyuk’s 2nd Recommendation: CloserEunhyuk: I get to watch DVDs alone instead of movies most often. It’s hard to match times with other people. At times like that, I watch love movies like P.S. I Love you and Closer. It’s funny and the movies sometimes help in writing lyrics. And Closer can be only experienced through the movie. I really got into it watching at night one time and found many characters interesting.

Eunhyuk’s 3rd Recommendation: Untouchable: 1% FriendshipEunhyuk: I don’t get to go to the theaters often, and especially with members. So when we get schedules for movie showcases, it makes me very happy. We were invited for this one too and watched it without any information. The storyline was better than expected and very touching. I watched with Teuk hyung and we both thought we should watch it with our members in the future. Since it was a story about a special friendship.

Eunhyuk’s 4th Recommendation: Avengers

Eunhyuk: Sometimes I go on a ‘date’ with Sungmin hyung. We’ve known each other since before debut so we enjoy going out to eat or watch a movie together. I went to watch Avengers because Sungmin hyung asked me to go with him and it was great. I didn’t watch Thor: God of Lightening nor Iron Man but I fell in love with all the heroes in the movie. I thought about all of us cosplaying the Avengers in next Super Show.

Eunhyuk’s 5th Recommendation: Hello Ghost

Eunhyuk: the movie that members watched together the most probably is Hello Ghost. We watched it on the airplane because someone recommended it to us in the ride to another country. We thought it was a comic movie at first so we wondered why people cried watching it, but when I returned from the bathroom, all the members were crying. Our eyes were swollen and we were clutching our blankets and though I cried too, I laughed at how we looked like. I think the movie moved our hearts.

Eunhyuk Prepares Standing Alone
“The goal for me is working harder on broadcasts. But no matter what I do, I will stand under the name Super Junior. Each shining person gather to create a brighter team, isn’t that cool?” 

Eunhyuk also wants to become a firm column within the group. “I have to be able to stand alone on variety shows after leader Teuk hyung leaves for army. So I am doing my best to do variety without help from members. Each member within our team feels responsibilities of pulling the team forward with their own method. Even if one were to rest, the team will still exist. I think that’s what true Super Junior is.”

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